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107.5 Rock Room & Whole/Partial Hill Rental
107.5 Rock Room
The Rock Room may be reserved and used by groups for gatherings, meetings and potluck/meals for a fee of $60.00/day. The Rock Room provides a good view of the tube hill and beginner ski slope with a maximum seating capacity of approximately 30 people. During regular Bruce Mound Winter Sports Area operating hours the use of roasters, crockpots, hotplates and other food warming appliances are allowed here, but not in the Chalet. Trash clean-up and table wipe-downs are required after each use of the Rock Room. Restrooms are located in the Chalet.

If the Rock Room is not reserved, it may be used on a first come, first serve basis at no cost, however food warming appliances are not allowed without first paying the rental fee.

Call Rick at 715-743-5142 or Mary at 715-743-5141 for reservations.

Hill Rentals

Bruce Mound whole hill rental will be charged a flat rate plus any ski shop equipment rental regardless of the size of the rental group. Rates are as follows and assume a 5:00 pm* start on Saturday and Sunday nights. We can accommodate most day time and evening start times during weekdays. All prices include sales tax. Whole hill rental not available when Bruce Mound is scheduled to be open to the public.

                                                Tube Hill                              Tube Hill and All
Tube Hill Only                     and Novice Hill                    Available Ski Slopes

 2 hrs.  $300.00                      $900.00 + rentals                $1,300.00 + rentals

 3 hrs.  $400.00                      $1,200.00 + rentals             $1,800.00 + rentals

 4 hrs.  $500.00                      $1,500.00 + rentals             $2,300.00 + rentals


*May increase the price for each ½ hour after 5:00 pm that the event starts on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Rates include use of the chalet or 107.5 Rock Room. Renter required to pick up garbage and wipe down tables after use.

Does not include use of the kitchen. The restaurant is normally not open for whole hill rentals. Arrangements may be negotiated directly with the restaurant operator to open during these events. Renters may bring own food including crock pots, roasters, etc. No grills or open flame cooking appliances.

Ski shop equipment rental is $10.00/person and includes skis or snowboard, poles and helmet. Rental prices for novice hill and all slopes include professional fitting of Bruce Mound rental equipment. Ski instruction at a reasonable price can be arranged.

Peak Electric Alert Notice: If a peak electric alert is projected or has been declared (during the months of June, July, August, December, January, or February), Clark County reserves the right to suspend or reschedule operations.

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