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Review and Modification

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Reviewing a court order for a change

Before an order is changed, it needs to be reviewed. A review is the process of checking a child support order to see if it needs updating.

The review looks at two issues:

  1. Does the dollar amount in the child support order follow the guidelines in the Child Support Percentage of Income Standard?
  2. Does the order include medical support?

For a review, both parents will be asked to provide current financial information. A notice about the results of the review will be mailed to both parents.

When a review will be, might be, or will not be done

A review is done when:
  • A parent asks for a review, and the order has not been reviewed for three years.
  • A parent gets cash benefits for the children and:
    • the order has not been reviewed for three years, and
    • "Good Cause" has not been found or is not pending, or
    • the parent with Good Cause asks for a review
  • A court orders a review.

A review might be done when:
  • The last review was less than three years ago, but there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

A review would not be done when:
  • A parent has no legal duty to provide current support. For example, all children are emancipated, or the paying parent’s parental rights were terminated (ended).
  • "Good Cause" has been found or is pending for a parent who gets W-2 services or cash benefits. However, the parent with Good Cause may ask for a review.
  • The order is from another state, and that other state has jurisdiction (control) over the order.
  • The whereabouts of a parent are unknown.
  • The paying parent has voluntarily reduced his or her income.

Who reviews the order

Who does the review depends on if:
  • you get cash benefits from the W-2, SSI Caretaker Supplement, or Kinship Care program
  • you get case management services from your local Wisconsin child support agency
  • you just get financial services from the Wisconsin Child Support program

Fee for reviewing and changing an order

Most courts charge a $30 filing fee for hearings to review/change a support order.
  • Some courts do not charge a filing fee for a stipulation (legal agreement) for changing an order.
  • The fee is charged to the parent who asks for the review/change.
  • No fee is charged if the parent or guardian gets cash benefits from the W-2, SSI Caretaker Supplement, and Kinship Care programs.

Child support agencies do not charge for reviewing the order or for taking steps to change an order (for cases that get case management services).

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