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Employee Responsibilities
Responsibilities of Breastfeeding Employees
In response to the efforts made by the county toward breastfeeding employees, breastfeeding employees shall have the following responsibilities.

Communication with Supervisors
Employees who wish to express milk during the work period shall keep supervisors informed of their needs so that appropriate accommodations can be made to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the company.

Maintenance of Milk Expression Areas
Breastfeeding employees are responsible for keeping milk expression areas clean and use anti-microbial wipes to clean area. Employees are also responsible for keeping the general lactation room clean for the next user. This responsibility extends to both designated milk expression areas.

Milk Storage
Employees should label all milk expressed with their name and date collected so it is not inadvertently confused with other employee’s milk. Each employee is responsible for proper storage of her milk.

Use of Break Times to Express Milk
When more than one breastfeeding employee needs to use the designated lactation room, employees may be required to work together to allow each employee the opportunity for milk expression times which best meet their needs. Prior to use of the room, employees should knock to ensure the privacy of any other nursing mother present.

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