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Community Services
Mission Statement
It is the mission of Community Services to provide services to people to maximize independence, health, and productivity in accord with the needs of the individuals, families, and society of Clark County. The Community Services Department is a state mandated agency dedicated to meeting the needs of persons with mental illness, substance abuse, or developmental disability.

Community Services is able to provide the following programs to clients:
  • Outpatient Clinic- State certified provider of outpatient mental health and substance abuse services offering confidential individual, group, and family therapy. Psychiatric and psychological evaluations, substance abuse assessments, and counseling are available at two locations (Courthouse and Clark County Health Care Center).  At this time we are only serving Clark County residents.  Services provided can be billed to most health insurance companies and medical assistance.  If no insurance, fees can be reduced based on ability to pay.
  • Case Management/Community Support Program - Since the mid 1970's the concept of community based services for persons with significant disabilities has been our guiding principle. Since the mid 1980's Community Services has partnered with the Clark County Health Care Center for this service. Case management reduces or eliminates the need for costly institutional care and improves the quality of life for persons with disabilities.
  • Birth-to-Three Program- Children with special needs are helped through a variety of case management and therapy efforts. All children and families who are eligible must be served. This is a growing program that presently serves 25 families.
  • Children’s Community Options Program: Provides flexible, but limited, assistance to individuals with special needs who are living at home, from birth to age 21. Each family involved in the program receives goods and services that are helpful to them. Each year the program serves over 20 families.
  • 24 hour Crisis Services-For emergencies after hours, the crisis helpline is available at 715-743-3400 or 1-800-863-3560 for toll free long distance calls.  Trained staff is available to listen and assist you in finding the help you need.
  • Childrens Waiver:  Wisconsin has three approved CLTS Waivers for children with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and severe emotional disturbances under age 22.  The purpose of the waivers is to help families support their children with severe disabilities within their own home.  This is funded thru Medicaid and local funding.  The CLTS Waivers cover a broad range of services, depending on a child's and family's identified needs.  Our role is to assist families in the initial application process and service coordination to assure that all needs are being met when a child is receiving services.  Parents are an active part of identifying outcomes based on family needs.
  • Comprehensive Community Services: (CCS) is a program for individuals of all ages who need ongoing services for a mental illness, substance use disorder, or a dual diagnosis beyond occasional outpatient care, but less than the intensive care provided in an inpatient setting. The individual works with a dedicated team of service providers to develop a treatment and recovery plan to meet the individual's unique needs and goals. The goal of this community-based approach is to promote better overall health and life satisfaction for the individual.  

Other Services Provided
Other services provided by the Community Services Department include:
  • Advocacy
  • Community presentations
  • Mental health services to the jail
  • Operating while Intoxicated (OWI) assessments
  • Psychological consultations
Contracted Services
The following services are contracted by Community Services:
  • Adult day services
  • Inpatient substance abuse treatment
  • Inpatient psychiatric care
  • Residential care (adult family homes, group homes, and other treatment halfway houses)
  • Work services

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Sue Voigt

Associate Director

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(715) 743-3400
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