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Clerk of Courts

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1. Can I make payments on money that is owed to the Court?


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1. How does an elector request an absentee ballot?

Forestry & Parks

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1. What are your business office hours?
2. Do you have Gift Certificates?
3. What are your department's user fees?
4. What other county trail systems do your trails connect to?
5. Are UTV’s allowed on the ATV trails?
6. Are motorcycles / dirt bikes allowed on the ATV trails?
7. Do you sell wood cutting permits for the county forest?
8. How do I know if the ATV trails are closed?
9. Is there some program I can put my (woods) private property into for lower taxes?
10. Do you have a list of loggers cutting on the county forest?
11. How do I make a camping reservation?
12. Are dogs allowed in your campgrounds?
13. How do I get a seasonal lake side camping site at Russell Memorial Park?
14. Can we bring our own firewood to the campground?
15. Can more than one camping unit be on a site?
16. How can I reserve a campground shelter?
17. Can horses go on the Levis Mound trails?
18. Who do I contact to rent a building in the Fairgrounds?

Land Info

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1. Will the online mapping illustrate my property lines?
2. How current is the property data?
3. How current is the aerial photography?


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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?


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1. I want to build a pond on my property, do I need a permit?
2. Are certain types of sewer systems “grandfathered in” and considered legal?
3. Do I need a sanitary permit for a residence or cabin with no plumbing installed?
4. I received a letter from my bank stating that I need flood insurance, can you help me?
5. Is the ordinary high water mark and the 100-year flood boundary the same thing?
6. How do I get a rural address or fire number?
7. Is Clark County zoned?

Social Services

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1. Who do I contact about my FoodShare, BadgerCare, Child Care Assistance?
2. Energy Assistance Information


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1. What are the signs that say Survey Monument Nearby?
2. I am going to sell some land, does it have to be surveyed?
3. Can I get coordinates, latitude and longitude, for my property corners?

Treasurer / Real Property Lister

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1. When will I receive my tax bill?
2. Where do I make my payment?
3. What is the penalty for a late payment?

Clark County Courthouse
Hours:  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
517 Court St., Room 301
Neillsville, WI 54456
Phone: (715) 743-5148
Fax: (715) 743-5154